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an alliance of priests, ministers, teachers, and laypersons—dedicated to teaching and living The Ancient Mystery Teachings in today’s world.


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Spiritual Training

There are many teachers in our community who are qualified to bring people into spiritual initiation . Whenever someone approaches us for personal guidance, we try to match them up with the right instructor.

All teacher/student relationships are entered into by mutual consent. No one is required to stay with a teacher he or she does not feel comfortable with. As a community of adults, we respect each other’s ability to make responsible choices in matters of Spirit. We also value the benefits of openness and integrity within a community of peers.


We recognize that no one ever reaches a state of perfection while living in a human body—we are never “good enough” to take on such a lofty mission as serving the White Brotherhood in their work to elevate humanity in its spiritual evolution. However, we do not use our own shortcomings as an excuse not to participate in the Work. What we lack, both in purity and ability, God will provide. All we need to do is show up with a willing heart.

Overlooking one’s own imperfections for the sake of the greater Work requires a combination of humility and will power—the ability to push through all physical and emotional resistance and respond to the inner promptings of Spirit.

We do not hold ourselves above any other human being, regardless of our personal attainment or rank. But we also do not sell short the teachings of Jesus Christ or any of the other great World Teachers, such as Buddha, Krishna, Socrates, and Lao-tze. We stand on what we know and we take responsibility for what we teach. We do not tell other people what they should believe, but we also never deny what we have seen and known. This distinction brings nobility of purpose and a refined decorum in our divine relationships with others. We are not here to force anyone to do anything. We are here to KNOW the truth and to stand on it, to be a point of focus for the presence of God in the world. This is true power, the only power we are interested in achieving.





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