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an alliance of priests, ministers, teachers, and laypersons—dedicated to teaching and living The Ancient Mystery Teachings in today’s world.


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The HOOM Alliance

The Holy Order of MANS is different from most spiritual groups in that it has no hierarchical structure aside from its Board of Directors and its officers. No one holds spiritual authority over anyone else. We call ourselves an alliance, because we value and respect the ministries of our affiliates, and it is our sole purpose to band together in mutual spiritual support, regardless of our differences in philosophy or methodology. As long as a person is committed to truth and spiritual growth and lives up to commonly accepted ethical standards, we welcome him or her as an affiliate.

Some of our affiliates are engaged in public ministries, others are not. Some have students, while others work privately, serving through prayer and meditation for the advancement of all beings. Some are healers, some are teachers, and some simply strive to bring more light, life, and love into the world through their chosen occupations. The important thing is that we stand together, that we assert together the presence of God in the world, so that all people may live in peace and grow closer to God in a world filled with love and sustainable, life-affirming activity.

Ours is a community of Spirit. We recognize that God’s kingdom is “not of this world.” But we also recognize that it is through the movement of the Spirit that this world is changed—transformed—and it is to this transformation that we are committed. Through the power of the Word as given to us by the Great Creative Intelligence—God—and by Jesus Christ, we offer ourselves as channels of light, life, and love in service to God and to all people everywhere.





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